Welcome to the website of Landscape and Seascape photographer Dave Peck. I have been capturing images for nearly thirty years. I was originally a frustrated artist who did not have the patience to practice painting. I soon found myself attracted to the immediacy of photography. Inspired by the images of Bill Brandt, Henri Cartier-Bresson and the landscape work of Charlie Waite, Ansel Adams and Joe Cornish my love for photography has grown with every new image.
From working in a photographic lab, as a cruise ship and, more recently, school photographer, my experience of commercial assignments is endless. I have worked with every format from 110 right up to 10x8 plate. However, by far my favourite medium is digital.
Digital imaging is now able to deliver the quality I expect with the flexibility to produce, on paper, the image I perceived when I pressed the shutter button. Being able to work on an image immediately removes the frustration of waiting for film to be developed. Compared to film, the digital darkroom is also a lot more sociable!
I love dramatic images that capture the magic of the landscape. For me, sunrise is the best time to make landscapes. That magical hour, before and after sunrise is without doubt the most beautiful time of day. It is as if the sky and landscape are competing for attention before anyone else is awake. When the weather is right, being on an East Anglian beach as the sun comes up is the best place in the world to be. It can be truly breathtaking. I feel very privileged to witness such times.
All of my landscapes are limited editions with my most recent work having a print run of only 20 copies. All of this work is printed on 'Fine Art Guild' approved German etching paper using the Giclee process and has an archival lifespan of at least 80 years.
The 'Stitcher' images are all Special edition print runs of 10 copies only. I hope they will become collectors items!
I hope you enjoy your tour of the galleries, I have had a lot of fun shooting the images and putting this site together for you. If you want to ask me any questions please feel free to email me.